Saves a specified face tag to permanent storage. Once the face tag has been saved, you can call faces/train method, which will use the saved tag information to create face template for specified user id and will add it to specified data namespace. When completed you can start recognizing the specified user id (using faces/recognize method).

Method entry point:

Supported HTTP methods
Required parameters
Optional parameters
  • label – display name of the user being tagged (e.g. First and Last name). Note that this information is saved and can later be retrieved per tag, not per user.
  • password – can be password protected if you want to make a administrative operation. You can specify password in account settings.


"status" : "success",
"saved_tags" : [
"detected_tid" : "TEMP_F@0c95576847e9cd7123f1e304b1dcbe53_59ec9bb2ad15f_56.53_40.83_0_1",
"tid" : "b1dcbe53_59ec9bb2ad15f"
"message" : "Tag saved with uid: mark@docs, label: "

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