Why choose us?

SkyBiometry is a biometric technology provider that delivers cloud-based face detection and recognition software as a service (SaaS), and is a spin-off of Neurotechnology, a trusted provider of high-precision biometric identification, object recognition and computer vision technologies for more than 30 years.

Freemium Biometrics

Introducing a free, cloud-based face detection and recognition API based on a facial recognition algorithm from Neurotechnology, the underlying technology behind many commercial facial recognition products around the world. The SkyBiometry API also offers a range of paid plans and services to help customers rapidly integrate biometric technologies into their products and online services.

Exceptional Team

SkyBiometry’s team of experienced Neurotechnology professionals have from 5 to 15 years of experience in algorithm research, biometric solution development and consultancy, enabling them to help customers – even those who are new to biometrics – accelerate product development, integration and time to market. The fast, accurate detection and identification technologies can be used for traditional biometric identification systems such as user ID, security and time management as well as new uses in entertainment, games, online marketing, social media and mobile applications.

We love what we do and we try our best to make it awesome for our developers

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SkyBiometry is a spin-off of a successful biometric company with the goal to provide biometric technology as a service. The technology behind us is a result of continuous algorithm research and software development in the areas of biometrics and object recognition that is delivered all around the world for more than 30 years. Members of our team are professionals having 5-15 years of experience in biometric solution development as well as algorithm research and consultancy. We believe that the rapid growth of cloud technologies open opportunities to deliver better products faster and scale out easier for our customers. And now we are ready to deliver the technology we know in the form you need. Let us know if you want to know more about us!

“The flexibility and scalability of the SaaS delivery model, together with trusted and proven computer vision technology, creates unique advantages in helping to solve our customers’ business needs.”

The rapid growth of cloud technologies is creating opportunities for developers and integrators to deliver better products faster than ever before. Because SkyBiometry’s offerings are based on the strong foundation of Neurotechnology’s proven biometric technologies, solution providers now have an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver fast, high quality biometric capabilities while providing their customers with the flexibility and scalability that SaaS solutions can provide.

Providing biometric technology as a service

“With the launch of SkyBiometry we are pleased to provide cloud-based biometric products and services,”