Facial Recognition Use Cases

Our innovative team has worked tirelessly to build versatile software that is widely applicable for various facial recognition use cases. Whether it is facial recognition, detection or grouping, our API can be integrated into your custom project for each of these solutions. With no compromise on accuracy, SkyBiometry API has the ability to work effectively in numerous facial recognition use cases such as those listed below. We always encourage our team and clients to push the boundaries of creativity, so if your business is developing a project which is not listed below then do not hesitate to get in contact and our specialist team will get back to you on how your facial recognition use case can be uplifted and transformed with SkyBiometry API.

for Cutting Edge Advertising Campaigns

Tech savvy creatives might wish to integrate face detection; face and attributes (meta information like gender, emotions, etc.), face and facial features detection (nose, mouth, eyes, or all 68 points) towards their creative projects and marketing campaigns. With SkyBiometry’s API this facial recognition use case is now easier than ever. If it’s a limited time campaign that requires real time processing and with unpredictable loads, then the choice is simple – SkyBiometry offers extremely scalable cloud based on-demand face recognition, detection and grouping which is super simple to implement.

for Photo Databases & Photography Services

In certain situations you need to group photos against an entire database. It is used either to filter and group content or identify individuals or groups of persons in a larger database. In this case semi-automatic processing is much more efficient, especially if the database is more than 10,000 images in size. Either, a list of candidates is returned or matches with very high scores are processed automatically and a list of candidates is returned for remaining cases. This makes jobs of professional or amateur event photographers, and institutions like hotels, etc. much easier by clusters [Grouping] of photos automatically taking place. As a result, photo albums can be finalized and sent off to recipients far quicker, another great facial recognition use case beneficiary.

for Advanced Security, Time and Attendance & User Authentication

For online authentication systems and even time and attendance tracking, or physical access systems, biometrics brings many new advantages. Our default face detector detects faces at following face rotation angles (from frontal position):

+/- 45 degrees roll angle (could be customized to 360 degrees).
>+/- 45 degrees yaw angle.
+/- 25 degrees pitch angle.

It is robust to illumination changes, facial expression changes, facial hair, glasses (very big dark glasses could potentially reduce detection accuracy) and other factors.

for Social/Dating Profile Moderation and Verification

From using the detection method for sites and apps that need to locate and cut face photos for their matching algorithms, to photo clustering with the grouping method – our algorithm you can provide a better user experience and more robust system within your project. Eliminate the tedious manual moderation by applying identification and verification for fake identities, and fraudulent profiles. This is usually achieved by matching photos within each account, between suspicions accounts or against a database of suspicions photos.

for any other specific project which needs face recognition, detection or attributes determination

Our algorithm is suitable for facial recognition use cases which require cloud-based face detection or recognition API. We have a lot of customers who use our service for very unusual, non standard and interesting projects. We are always ready to give you an advice and share our experience in different projects which are concerned with facial biometrics.

Need a custom subscription?

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