SkyBiometry’s face recognition API was used to create an innovative social media application based on visual resemblance.

PLANET STORE, a creator of mobile applications, was looking for an image recognition API for their proprietary project, called “winTwins”. winTwins is an application dedicated to finding friends and expanding the social circle by connecting visually resemblant people.

Challenges and Objectives:

PLANET STORE faced the challenge of finding a reliable software solution capable of processing vast amounts of data with precision while ensuring the utmost security for user information. Guided by psychological research revealing the inclination towards trust in physically similar individuals, winTwins aimed to create a social media platform filtering users based on visual resemblance.

Initially turning to different services, PLANET STORE eventually migrated to SkyBiometry, the facial recognition API created by Neurotechnology, drawn by the seamless integration through REST API, swift response times, and improved communication. SkyBiometry’s advanced facial recognition algorithms became the cornerstone of the winTwins application, empowering users to connect with others who share visual similarities.

Kamil Ouška, Chairman of the Board at PLANET STORE, expressed satisfaction with the product and services offered by Neurotechnology. The decision to choose SkyBiometry not only addressed the company’s specific requirements but exceeded their expectations, resulting in superior outcomes for facial recognition needs.

“Maximum satisfaction. We had a clear goal, and the collaboration with the SkyBiometry team precisely fulfilled that objective.” – Kamil Ouška, PLANET STORE

The advantages offered by SkyBiometry:

Clear Explanation and Easy Setup: PLANET STORE opted for SkyBiometry’s facial recognition API, for its clear and straightforward documentation that made integration into winTwins a smooth process. The API’s intuitive design allowed developers to grasp its functionalities quickly, saving valuable development time.

Customization for Individualized Matches: Beyond ease of use, SkyBiometry’s API offered the necessary advantage of customizability. PLANET STORE tailored the facial recognition process to their specific needs, ensuring results aligned with their app’s unique matching criteria. This level of control allowed them to create a more personalized and engaging experience for users.

Proven Results: Before releasing winTwins to the public, PLANET STORE conducted thorough testing of the facial recognition system. The company was satisfied with SkyBiometry’s accuracy and reliability, as the tests consistently delivered high-quality matching results.

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