Face Detection

Detect faces at various angles. Detect multiple faces in a photo simultaneously. With or without glasses. With any expression.

Attributes Determination

Find location of eyes, nose, mouth and many other points for each face detected in the photo. Apply attributes determination for gender and age, check if the person is smiling, have eyes open, lips sealed or wearing glasses. And even differentiate between clear and dark glasses!

Face Recognition

High quality face recognition. One of the top recognition algorithms in the world. And blazing fast too.

Web / Mobile / PC / Other

The cloud always on type of service allows for easy integration to any application: web, mobile, desktop or anything with Internet connectivity.

SkyBiometry is a state of the art Face recognition & Face detection cloud biometrics API allowing developers and marketers to do more with less.

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What happens if I forgot to pay or to extend the payment for SkyBiometry services?

It will migrate to free plan.

What are the ways of paying for SkyBiometry services?
  • PayPal (plan activates immediately after the payment). It is possible to create a PayPal subscription which will automatically charge certain sum every month until customer cancels it or switches to another plan;
  • Bank transfer (plan activates after payment is received). It takes several days to get the payment. If you send us the bank transfer confirmation by e-mail, we activate the plan, even if we have not received the payment yet.
What happens with the payment of previous plan if I reorder another one?

We take it as a payment for a new plan by the percentage of amount left from previous subscription (by days or usage).

Is it possible to customize the plan or increase account limits?

Yes, we have a number of standard plans, but it is possible to increase the limits depending on customer needs. We can create custom plan for any customer’s account. The price depends on plan characteristics. In each case we are ready to help to make the best plan for each customer.