A Dedicated Face Recognition API service

The SkyBiometry Facial Recognition API offers a secure, streamlined solution to your face recognition and detection project requirements.

For solutions requiring large-scale support, we offer a Dedicated Face Recognition API service, giving your project access to exclusive servers to deliver facial recognition without hardware restrictions.

dedicated server face recogniton api

Embed a scalable facial recognition API solution into your application

If your facial recognition project requires scalability and enhanced performance, our Dedicated Face Recognition API service will provide your project with the dedicated servers and hardware required to deliver a large-scale recognition and detection service without limitation.

By utilizing dedicated servers just for your project, your facial recognition service will be more reliable and stable compared with solutions relying upon shared server space.

It also maximizes project security, especially for your datasets, as dedicated servers can help to protect against the risk of data loss, infiltration and interception which is a lingering threat for shared servers.

Dedicated servers also offer a greater degree of customization and flexibility to suit your specific project requirements. Multiple servers can be connected together to offer the exact specification required for your needs. Similarly, the dedicated solution can run on either our latest 13.0 face recognition or be tailored to suit a previously supported version that is more in line with your project requirements.

Benefits of a dedicated server for your face recognition project

  • Improved performance
  • Customizable to your business requirements
  • Flexible usage
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Enhanced security

Pricing of a Dedicated Solution

We offer a fixed rate per server, with no additional cost for calls to the face recognition API.

  • Dedicated
    • Unlimited API calls
    • Unlimited face storage *
    • Unlimited namespaces
    • Customizable server hardware *
    • Customizable network bandwidth *
    • Premium support

Get Started

To get started with a dedicated SkyBiometry solution, please schedule a demo below or contact our team with your project specification requirements. The more information you provide, the more accurate the solutions we can suggest. To be able to propose a tailored solution, please let us know:

  • The purpose of facial recognition within your project
  • The size of your project database
  • Required calls per month and during peak time
  • Average image size and dimensions
  • Required response time
  • Launch date of your application
  • Will it be embedded
  • Mobile devices and / or PC

If you aren’t sure whether a dedicated solution is right for your requirements, our team of experts can help you to determine the relevant specification you require so you integrate a face recognition API that is perfectly suited to your project.

Try SkyBiometry for yourself

Before setting up a custom dedicated solution, you can try SkyBiometry for yourself through one of our demos or by making a free account.


Face Detection

Choose an image from one of the preselected images, or browse for one on your device and submit it for processing, we do not store any of the submitted images. Hover with the mouse or tap on a detected face to see the attributes of the tag.


Face Recognition

To see how our facial recognition API is in action choose two different images of the same person. Our advanced facial recognition algorithm allows us to match faces with a high degree of confidence while analyzing advanced facial attributes.


Face Grouping

This time choose two different images of the same person, browse for one on your device or paste an URL and submit them for processing. Finding similar faces is a key functionality that comes in handy if you are sick of manually grouping photos.

Start Building

The SkyBiometry Dev Center will provide you with all of the information you need to know to start integrating SkyBiometry into your backend. To start building in four easy steps, simply:

SkyBiometry Background

SkyBiometry is a cloud-based face recognition API solution that has been embedded in thousands of commercial projects and applications. Using the SkyBiometry API, you can get information about 68 facial points, including:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Smile
  • Glasses
  • dark glasses
  • lips (parted/sealed)
  • eyes (open/closed)
  • emotions (neutral, angry, disgusted, scared, happy, sad and surprised)
  • Beard
  • Mustache
  • Hat
  • race/ethnicity
  • Roll
  • Yaw
  • facial feature points

SkyBiometry API will detect the faces in the image, analyze the facial attributes of the faces detected, before returning a percent confidence score for the facial attributes that are detected within the image.

Whilst the accuracy of the predictions depends significantly on factors such as the image quality of the face image and trained dataset, the SkyBiometry API has been developed by Neurotechnology, a trusted provider of high-precision biometric identification, object recognition and computer vision technologies for more than 30 years.