How to start using SkyBiometry?

It is easy, just register here and you will be able to use our free plan which includes 5000 calls per month and 1000 trained faces capacity.

What facial and other attributes can be detected on the picture?

Gender, age, smile, glasses, dark glasses, lips (parted/sealed), eyes (open/closed), emotions (neutral, angry, disgusted, scared, happy, sad and surprised), beard, mustache, hat, race/ethnicity, roll, yaw, facial feature points.

How many faces can be detected in one photo?

Program will detect all faces that looks as such to the algorithm. After that face detection request returns response containing rectangles of detected faces and other information.

Can SkyBiometry software be used on video?

We do have broad range of biometrics solutions for video too. These solutions have different pricing model. We need to know more about customer project so we will be able to understand how we can help him best or suggest one of our partners.

What is the size limit of picture for upload?

There is 2MB limit. Higher limits can be ordered, depending on customer requirements.

When face image data that have been sent to SkyBiometry server is deleted? Who has access to it?

We regularly provide possibility to access uploaded photos just to account owner for 3 days. Afterward photos can be deleted at any time and are not accessible by anyone.

What is trained tags per account?

Every face image that is trained (independent if it belongs to the same or different person) counts as trained tag. In the other words, one trained tag is one face saved in the database.

What do letters N, A, D, F, H, S, SP mean in face detection results?

N, A, D, F, H, S, SP are shortcuts for emotions: neutrality, anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise.

What are the factors of face recognition accuracy?

Face recognition accuracy heavily depends on the quality of a face image. Image quality during enrollment is important, as it influences the quality of the face template. Also, accuracy depends from lighting, face posture, facial expression, glasses, makeup, hair, beard or mustache. It is advisable to train several photos of the same person from different angles and under different lighting conditions to reach higher recognition quality.

What information about the project do I need to propose, so SkyBiometry could offer an option which optimally suits my needs?

The more information you provide, the more accurate decision we can suggest. We need to know the size of your project in terms of database size (in number of different persons and in number of images per person), needed calls per month and during peak time, average image size and dimensions, required response time, launch date of your application, will it be embedded, mobile devices or PC, are you going just to verify a person identity or search for person in database of people for identification, similar person search or photo tagging.

How many facial points SkyBiometry software detects?

It detects 68 points including mouth, nose, eyes and other facial features.

How do head rotation angles look like and which angles our API can find?

Image below demonstrates head rotation angles:

head rotation



Returned detected face tag contains calculated yow and roll angles. There is no pitch angle calculation at the moment.

Yaw (rotation about Y axis), roll (rotation about Z axis) and pitch (rotation about X axis) angles are provided in degrees in range from -90 to 90. They are Tait-Bryan angles in right-hand 3D Euclidian space in image coordinate system (i.e. X axis is horizontal and points towards the right edge of the image, Y axis is vertical and points towards the bottom edge of the image and Z axis is perpendicular to the image and points away from the viewer). The rotation is reported as it would be performed about geometrical center of the head in the following order: roll (with positive direction being clockwise, towards the left shoulder of the subject), pitch (with positive direction being down) and yaw (with positive direction being to the left, towards the right shoulder of the subject). Remember that subjects are mirrored in the photo, i.e. subject’s left eye and left body parts are at the right and vice versa.

Is it possible to use SkyBiomery on Android and iOS?

Yes, it is possible. All client libraries could be found in our documentation.

What are the differences between free and paid plan?

Paid plan allows many more operations per month and if needed – more trained tags, higher picture size limit, better response time.

Is it possible to customize the plan or increase account limits?

Yes, we have a number of standard plans, but it is possible to increase the limits depending on customer needs. We can create custom plan for any customer’s account. The price depends on plan characteristics. In each case we are ready to help to make the best plan for each customer.

When does the plan period start?

Period begins with activation.

What I can do if I see that I am running out of requests (for example if 70-80% of current plan is already used)?

It is possible to reorder the same or order another plan with activation type “now” to get additional requests.

What happens with the payment of previous plan if I reorder another one?

We take it as a payment for a new plan by the percentage of amount left from previous subscription (by days or usage).

What happens if there are calls left over from the ordered plan after the month has expired?

Requests capacity does not transfer to a following period.

What are the ways of paying for SkyBiometry services?
  • PayPal (plan activates immediately after the payment). It is possible to create a PayPal subscription which will automatically charge certain sum every month until customer cancels it or switches to another plan;
  • Bank transfer (plan activates after payment is received). It takes several days to get the payment. If you send us the bank transfer confirmation by e-mail, we activate the plan, even if we have not received the payment yet.
What happens if I forgot to pay or to extend the payment for SkyBiometry services?

It will migrate to free plan.

What partners Skybiometry is looking for?

We are working with developers and various companies which integrate our service into their products and projects. We are always glad to help with the integration of our technology.

Where SkyBiometry servers are located?

SkyBiometry uses servers which are located in Europe, USA and Canada. However, for custom subscription users, servers can be located in other countries. Contact us for more information.