In 2017, the global facial recognition market was valued at 3.85 billion USD and it is expected to reach 9.78 billion USD by 2023. Although this technology used to be associated with security sector, today it proliferates extensively to other industries as well. Expansion of facial recognition technology gives rise to a number of rather unusual application scenarios one could hardly imagine before.

Facial recognition technology for easier and shorter marriage registration

Facial recognition technology for marriage registration

Who could have believed that one day high-tech would even enter the realm of spiritual things such as marriage?

On January 7, 2018 the authorities in Chongqing introduced a face recognition system for marriage registration to make the procedure easier and shorter.

After the picture is taken, the system extracts the face and validates against the information available from other documents and the database of the public security bureau. Facial recognition allows to complete an ID check in just 0.3 seconds, whereas it would normally last as many as 10 minutes without such an aid.

Facial recognition technology to monitor and analyze the students’ behavior in the classroom

Facial recognition in schools

A high school in China, Hangzhou, uses a facial recognition camera that scans the classroom every 30 seconds. The system is designed to log behavior of six types: writing, reading, standing, hand raising, listening to the teacher and leaning on the desk. It also records the emotions of the students such as happiness, disappointment, anger, fear and disgust.

All the collected information is analyzed and reported to the teachers. However, the system does more than just analyzing student behavior. Students can buy lunch in the canteen, purchase goods at the school shop and borrow books from the school library by using this system as well.

Marriage registration, child adoption and monitoring student behavior in schools are just a few examples of novel use cases. As there are virtually no limits for human creativity and imagination, in the near future we will see more and more ways to put facial recognition technology to good use.

Whilst face recognition is unquestionably very impressive, there are other similar softwares like face grouping and face detection. Make sure to check them out too!


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