Some of the methods of the API (like faces/detect, faces/group and faces/recognize) are rate limited. All of the created workspace(s)/application(s) share the same limits assigned to current user account. User has the ability to select one of the subscriptions available which better suits the needs of the application being created. Among available subscriptions is a FREE subscription, which is assigned with a limit of 100 face detection/recognition method calls an hour,monthly usage is limited to 5000 face detection/recognition method calls. Login to see your current usage and usage limits.

In case you feel that none of the available subscriptions satisfies your needs, please contact us and tell us more about your application and what kind of usage/limits you would like to have.

Although only above mentioned methods are rate limited, please do not abuse other methods too. In case system detects over extensive usage of API, it will add the abusing user IP to user black list and user will be blocked from calling any API methods.

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