Method is used to train specified users. Method uses tags previously saved using tags/save methods and creates face template for the specified user ids.

Once the face tags were trained, specified user id can be recognized using faces/recognize method calls.

Note: currently call to faces/train is a blocking call, which means that the call will return when all the requested tags will be processed. You can asynchronously query the status of the training procedure by calling faces/status method.

Method entry point:

Supported HTTP methods
Required parameters
Optional parameters
  • namespace – default data namespace to be used for all specified uids without data namespace specified.

Note: method result includes specified user id training statuses:

  • no_training_set – user ids, for which there is not enough data to create face templates.
  • created – user ids, for which new face templates were created.
  • updated – user ids, for which face templates were changed/updated.
  • unchanged – user ids, for which no changes have been made.
  • in_progress – user ids, for which changes are being made (maybe by another training call).



"status" : "success",
"created" : [
"uid" : "mark@docs",
"training_set_size" : 2,
"last_trained" : 1348662115,
"training_in_progress" : false
"usage" : {
"used" : 1,
"remaining" : 99,
"limit" : 100,
"reset_time_text" : "Fri, 22 September 2012 12:57:19 +0000",
"reset_time" : 1348232239

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