API method
Face Detection and Recognition API method name. Currently supported methods include: faces/detect, faces/recognize, faces/train, faces/status, tags/get, tags/add, tags/save, tags/remove, account/authenticate, account/limits and account/users.
response format
json (default) or xml
api_key and api_secret
these keys are generated automatically when creating application in user zone. There is a way not to specify api_secret by using domain authentication, which can be useful in some scenarios when application creator do not want the secret key to be known to end user (who could abuse the limits assigned to account).
other parameters
other parameters include common parameters that could be used when calling all methods and method parameters that should be specified when calling only specified method.
common parameters:

  • callback – JavaScript method to wrap a JSON-formatted response (for JSONP support, ignored if response format=xml)
  • callback_url – asynchronously invoke specified API method, and POST the response to the specified callback url. Suitable for calling lengthy operations. Response is POSTed to the callback_url as json/xml in a field called ‘data’. If response is not required no-reply constant may be used.
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