There is a huge number of areas where people use cloud based face recognition and detection technology. When HTC and Spotify teamed up they started to use SkyBiometry API for very unusual and interesting purpose.

htc spotify emotion media player

Service is called HTC Mood Player. Customers have possibility to create playlist which conforms their mood and emotions. Sounds unbelievable? It is real now! Despite the fact that it is quite complex technology, for customer it is really easy to use it. All that you need to do is take a selfie or select your picture from social network or folder and upload it to the website .

After this facial recognition software recognizes your mood (such as peaceful, stressed, angry, cool, amazed or fed up) and selects the most suitable playlist for you depending on your facial expression. Playlist is filled up with top rated songs from huge Spotify’s library. Easy and amazing!

You can also manually control your emotion settings and the playlist changes automatically. There are sliders which let you control the mood of the playlist. Also there is a possibility to choose inverse mood and get absolutely opposite playlist. For example if you are sad you can use this function and go for happy playlist that will cheer you up, give energy and positive emotions. HTC Mood Player is accessible through the web browser of your mobile device, your desktop PC or laptop.

spotify htc emotions media player

“Together, we’re responding to how our customers are feeling and serving them up a bespoke list of the best tunes to reflect their current mood”, Phil Blair, president of EMEA at HTC Europe Co said.

Emotion determination is only one from many functionalities that SkyBiometry API can suggest for the customers. Our face detection and recognition API also determines gender, smile, eyeglasses and sunglasses presence, age, roll and yaw, eyes, nose and mouth positions, checks if lips are parted or sealed, eyes open or closed. Try out our demo and see for yourself!

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